Working today on one of my very old branches- the AUCOIN family. They lived in La Rochelle France in the 1500's.  Records found give us the various spellings of this family name:  Aucoing, Ancoing, Auconnois, Oguin, Angevin, this last derivation could come from a more ancient form of the name that would  have originated in the Angers region.

Martin Aucoin (1570-1650) is the furthest we go back right now, and he is my 9th great grandfather on the Cormier side.

Also did a lot of work on the Cunningham's (Cormier line). I searched all the census records I could find and have changed Rebecca's father from John to William because I found the 1851 (or 61) census with a William C, with a daughter Rebecca. The ages seem to fit together better than any others so I am going with that for now. Then further searching led me to a treasure trove for NB: with a well organised (alphabetized) file of first families of NB.
Karen Cormier-Kuehn
5/16/2011 02:37:24 am

Good Morning,
My family tree follows yours up until the children of Pierre Cormier. I am curious in maybe some information exchange on our families. I am very very new to this but our Cormier family has a huge story to tell. If interested pleaes feel free to email at


9/2/2012 04:20:51 am

Nice one info, thx

Annemarie Taylor
2/2/2016 04:14:54 pm

I am related to you through the Cormier family. Marie Anne Cormier, daughter of Jean Baptiste Cormier and Madeleine Landry was one of my many great grandmothers. You site is very interesting and well put together. I would love to exchange information with you. Contact me if you would like to share.

12/17/2016 11:27:49 pm

I enjoy it for creating the details, keep up the truly amazing perform continuing

7/29/2018 09:23:18 am

Louis (Lewis) Cormier immigrated to New York in 1830 from France, He was a Mariner. It does not say from what part of France. My Dad was Charles Emile Cormier, I notice that you have Charles and forms of Emil in your Cormiers. I can not find anything about him. Have you run across his side of the family? They later settled in New Orleans.


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