Worked a lot on the Slauenwhite page today- what a bunch! I think I have 8 generations (which really isn't too much to handle) but it gets complicated way back because dear old Johann had 3 children to whom I am related!

Spent a lot of time trying to read a few on-line German articles about the Schlagentweits, certainly part of our family tree somehow. It would be great if one day someone figures out how they tie into the family.

A huge amount of work on the Slauenwhite tree has been done by one awesome man- Mr Bob Hegerich, and I must give him massive credit for all the time and energy he has obviously put into getting things right. Thank you Bob!
9/25/2012 03:18:56 pm

will return quickly

Angie Slauenwhite
12/9/2012 11:48:19 pm

Great blog! I'm Benny Slauenwhite's daughter, Angie. I stumbled upon this blog and found it very interesting!

Susan Ronson
8/23/2013 08:25:23 am

Was wondering if you know a 'Phillip Slauenwhite' ?. He was a friend of mine in Nova Scotia, Thanks, Susan Ronson

phillip slauenwhite
3/14/2014 09:38:04 am

theres a few phillip slauenwhites , where is he from?

phillip slauenwhite
3/14/2014 09:30:43 am

nice work, do you know more info on the slauenwhites from the middlewood area?

Marcia Slauenwhite Moore
10/13/2015 07:19:48 am

Awesome job. I'm thinking I may have to dig out my family ancestory I started and see where/if they link. My grandfather William Slauenwhite was born in Canada and migrated to Maine with his father Obediah and grandfather William. Dad talks about a great uncle or uncle Asa as well.
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your family tree.

John W McTague
11/5/2015 05:49:40 pm

Hi. Found your blog on a Yahoo! Search. I am researching my friend's family tree, which contains a number of Slauenwhite/Schlagenweits. The name appears first on her tree with Susannah Elizabeth Slauenwhite (1814-1898), wife of John Jacob Jollimore (1811-1840). My hope is that you might shed some light on her 2nd husband, listed as John F Slauenwhite and his family.

Thanks in advance,
John McTague

Brian k slaunwhite
7/5/2018 05:14:33 pm

I live in Florida I was born in Massachusetts 1967 my dad is Stewart slaunwhite his. Dad was born in Canada. Are we related


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