You probably can't imagine how much work is involved in organizing a rather large family tree website! If I only had 10 generations to deal with (and believe me I have some branches with far more), there would be over 1,000 primary names to deal with! With 20 generations the number grows to over a million! 

What's so much fun for us (hubby and I are working on our families separately), is discovering periods of time in history when our families lived extremely close to each other. I'm pretty confident that if we keep going we will one day find a real connection. There are already some vague ties to Charlemagne for both of us.  His family is 100% Dutch going way, way back. Years ago we thought my mother's maiden name (Slauenwhite) was Dutch as well, but that was quickly shown to be German. Then just this week I found my Dutch ancestors! So with a bit of detective work who knows what might connect us?

Today I'm continuing on the pages for my grandparents. every time I post some of the family trees I get waylaid on a few wild goose chases, but honestly, these are the genealogists dreams! Genealogy is a hobby for nitpickers and since new information is being put on the internet every day, it is almost impossible to keep up with it. But we keep trying, yes we do!


I am looking for a Slauenwhite woman who was born around 1932 - possible first name Barbara. She had a daughter in Moncton, NB on Sept 4, 1954 and gave her up for adoption. She names her daugher Cynthia Lynn Slauenwhite and Cynthia would dearly love to find her birth family to say thank you and possible meet. Cynthia knows that her birth mother was 22 years old and was born in Nova Scotia, she had a twin brother and another brother. She had high school and one year post graduate. If you have any information please contact Parent Findes NB at


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