The Slauenwhite Tree

The Family Coat of Arms
Oh what a complicated tree this one is! 

The Schlagentweit name most likely originated in Austria, with several ideas about it's meaning. One idea is that it comes from the German words schlag - to strike, and wiet - wide, and is an idiom for a reckless person. Another meaning for schlag (in Upper Austria) is a free space for farming in the woods, and in die weit means far away, giving rise to the name meaning 'a farmer who comes from a place far away in the woods'

In Wiener Neustadt, a small city south of Vienna in Austria, Hangraf Stephan Schlagindweit, a principal merchant, was publicly beheaded on August 11, 1522 as a result of his opposition to the government of Archduke Ferdinand I. The so-called "Weiner Neustadt blood court" ended with death sentences for 8 prominent noblemen.  A stone marker was later placed there in memory of Stephan and the group of radical anarchists who spoke out against the encroaching nobility. 

There is an interesting website about the Schlagintweit family at information about the very interesting brothers who explored large parts of India and the Himalayas in the mid 19th century. I don't know how we are related, but it is highly probable. The author of the site claims we came from nobility as expressed in the family coat of arms. 

The Coat of Arms used in a Castle
The Crest for Knights

Spellings of the Schlagentweit Name:

In Europe: Schlagentweit Schlagentweith Schlagintweith Schlagitweith 

In America: Saluenwhite Schalagemeit Schlagentwait Schlagentwaith Schlagentweid Schlagentweit Schlagenwaite Schlagenwaith Schlagenweid Schlagenweit Schlagenweith Schlagenwhite Schlagenwiet Schlagintweid Schlagintweit Schlaginweit Schlaugenweid Schlogenwait Sclagenwhite Selagenwhite Slachenwaite Slackgenwaits Slagentwydt Slagenwait Slagenweid Slagenweit Slagenwhite Slagenwite Slagheneit Slaghenweit Slakenwight Slannwhit Slanwhite Slauenwhite Slauenwight Slauenwite Slaugennhite Slaugenwhite Slaugenwhiye Slaughanwhite Slaughenhite Slaughenweit Slaughenwhit Slaughenwhite Slaughenwite Slaugheweit Slaughnwhite Slaughtenwhite Slaughweit Slaughwhite Slauinwhite Slaunenwhite Slaunewhite Slaunnwhite Slaunweit Slaunwhite Slaverwhite Slawemwhite Slawenite Slawenwhite Slawenwite Slawgenwhite Slawgnwhite Slawnwhite Sloanwhite Slochgenwaitz Slockenwaitz Slongworth Slouenwhite Slowenwhite

Crest for the Family Tree