Ellis ~ Generation 1

Margaret & Robert
My father ROBERT JOHN ELLIS was born on November 13, 1936 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He married MARGARET ROSE SLAUENWHITE on May 10, 1958 in Holy Family Catholic Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Robert and Margaret had two children:
  • Kimberly Ellis 1959-
  • David Ellis 1961-

Ellis ~ Generation 2

Stanley & Margaret w/children
My grandfather STANLEY ELLIS was born May 21, 1909 in New Brunswick, Canada. He married MARGUERITE MARY CORMIER on October 13, 1936 in St. Luke's Church, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. I believe this is an Anglican Church (AKA Church of England). My father Robert told me that he remembers driving with his father to Toronto, Ontario in the early 1950's in order to find work. Once they found work they returned to new Brunswick to pack up the rest of the family and bring them to Ontario too. They bought a house at 22 Fisher Street in the Dundas and Dufferin area which is still there today (2011).

Stanley died on December 12, 1982 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Stanley and Margaret (as she came to be known) had 6 children:
  • Robert John Ellis 1936 -
  • Jean Ellis 1937 -
  • Francis Ellis 1938 -
  • Marjorie Ellis 
  • Clarence Ellis 
  • Allan Ellis 

Stanley and Margaret
This is the house that my grandfather Stanley built on Bellevue Avenue, East Saint John, N.B.

Ellis ~ Generation 3


My great grandfather JOHN SAMUEL ELLIS was born October 31, 1881 in Shanklin, Saint John, N.B. CAN. He married AGNES ETHEL WILSON on November 1, 1907 in Saint John County, Saint John, N.B. CAN. On their marriage certificate John's religion is Presbyterian. 

John Samuel died on March 1, 1954. 

My father remembers John Samuel as being a great storyteller, especially of the wild west. He had large knuckles, chewed tobacco, and shod horses. At the time of Clarence's birth he was a blacksmith in Fairville, near Saint John. A year later we find him living on Erin St., Saint John. When Willard was born (1910) the record shows him living at Black River, Saint John Co. In 1912 Louise May's birth record lists the place of birth as Willow Grove, Saint John. Grace's place of birth is recorded as Ben Lomond, Saint John Co. Harold's place of birth is recorded as Grove Hill, Saint John.

After checking a map of the area it seems that these place names are mostly in the same area- east of Saint John. My dad told me that John Samuel was away from home a lot of the time because of the nature of his work. I wonder if Agnes went along with him? It would seem odd to travel at the end of her pregnancy. Another possibility is that she was staying with family members "just in case".

John Samuel and Agnes had 12 children:
  • Agnes Ellis - died as an infant
  • John Arthur Ellis ? - ?
  • Edward Ellis ? - ?
  • Eileen Ellis - died as a child
  • Clarence Ellis 1908 - 1990
  • Stanley Ellis 1909 - 1982
  • Willard Ellis 1910 - 1992
  • Louise May Ellis 1912 - 1997
  • Grace Ellis 1913 - ?
  • Harold Ellis 1914 - 1979
  • Kathleen Ellis 1917 - ?
  • Mary Rebecca Ellis 1918 - 1997

Ellis ~ Generation 4

ROBERT MOORE ELLIS was born on March 6, 1854 in Saint Martins, N.B. CAN. He married CATHERINE JANE VERNER (Varner) on June 9, 1879 in Saint John, N.B. Catherine was born on May 16, 1865. He died on June 9, 1932 (Brenan Funeral Home, St. John). The 1901 Census lists them as Irish Methodists and Robert's profession was farming (as was John's, William's, and Andrew's).

Robert and Catherine had 11 children:
  • Bessie Ellis 1881 -
  • John Samuel Ellis 1882- 1954
  • William George 1884 - 
  • Andrew Ellis 1886 - 
  • Rebecca May Ellis 1888 -
  • Robert Ruddick Ellis 1889 -
  • Laura Lilac Ellis 1891 -
  • James Busbie Ellis 1893 - died before 1 year
  • Milford Raymond Ellis 1895 -
  • Alice Pearl Ellis 1898 -
  • Charles Edward Ellis 1899 - 
All of the birth records for these children list either Shanklin or St. Martins as the place of birth/residence.

Ellis ~ Generation 5

WILLIAM ELLIS was born about 1835 in Ireland. He married BESSIE PATTERSON.

William and Bessie had 2 children:
  • Robert Moore Ellis 1854 - 1932
  • William Ellis 1859 - 1941